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Test reports & data

Add new results & customer info
to existing records

Visual inspection

Accepts any brand
of assembly

Scan multiple hoses & leave updates
in one transaction

Email test reminders

No special tools or
readers to buy

Retire assemblies &
collect data


The ONE and ONLY source for Hose Life Tracking.

With over 50,000 active QR Coded hoses in the field HLT provides the fastest access to test reports. Along with the latest technology it’s convenient, easy to operate, and at your fingertips with any mobile device for quickly accessing your information.

A unique serial number is created and QR code generated.

All assembly components, test details and customer information is tied to the serial number and stored on a cloud.

All information is retrievable 24/7, either by scanning the tag or typing the serial number into website. Customers can be set up with logins to be able to add information to the serial record such as customer details and visual inspections, pictures, and other attachments. They can also retrieve historic entries like past test reports and visual inspections.

Required by Most Class “A” corporations who use hose assemblies.

  HLT Benefits You

• Gain new customers by having all critical information on your assemblies 24/7.

• Incorporate visual inspection records into existing PM schedules.

• Allocate all hose assets with the ability to track, record, and review your hose assemblies.

• Set email reminders for retest and replacement of assemblies.

• Develop predictive lifespan data to implement replacement plans before failures occur.

• Re-order exact assembly on the fly.

• Have all test reports and in-service duty of hose instantaneously at your fingertips for life.

What You Can Do  

• Review assembly details and components.

• Add visual inspection notes.

• Record test details and save all historic reports.

• Record customer details on where the hose was used and application details.

• Setup email reminders for retests and retires.

• Scan multiple hoses to record updates and notes.

• Send re-order request for exact same product to Bridgestone HosePower.

• Retire assemblies from in-service and create data on life of product.


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